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Indulge in healthier, gourmet flavors in your kitchen.

boy, do we like ghee

We can make it better – we blend ghee with other oils and transform it into a liquid golden drops, offering ease of use, while retaining its exceptional qualities. Ghee is ideal for mixing due to its rich milky, subtly nutty flavor and creamy texture - you can create a versatile and high-quality baking oil blend that enhances the flavor, texture, and overall quality of your baked creations.


nóras values

Our mission is to cultivate a sustainable and wholesome lifestyle through premium, nourishing cooking oils that enhance flavor, well-being, and environmental harmony.



Environmental consciousness

Years of expertise. Carefully selected highest quality ingredients. 100% natural. Unique oil blending technology. Made in Lithuania.

Our advanced oil blending technology ensures a high smoke point, preventing harmful substances during baking. With gourmet mix of quality ingredients and no chemical additives, our oils guarantee healthier, nourishing flavors to play with in the kitchen.

By sourcing ingredients locally and implementing local production, we effectively reduce transportation distances, minimize carbon emissions, and optimize energy consumption. Furthermore, our commitment to utilizing by-products by providing them to farmers and offering larger product sizes helps to minimize waste and promote sustainability.


Svajonės g. 15, LT-94101 Klaipėda

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