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nóras /ˈnɔːrɑːs/

Inspired by a father's relentless quest to offer the very best to their children, lifelong passion for cooking and unwavering commitment to the harmony of flavor and quality, nóras became a testament to the power of wishes. Derived from the Lithuanian word for "wish", family-owned business embodies culinary dreams – from handpicking a trusted olive oil factory in Spain to discovering unique, healthier oil flavors in Lithuania. Today, nóras stands as a premium gourmet oil company, offering extraordinary flavors and healthier options for discerning palates.


To cultivate a sustainable and wholesome lifestyle through premium, nourishing cooking oils that enhance flavor, well-being, and environmental harmony.


To establish a globally acclaimed oil studio committed to excellence and sustainability. We uphold the highest quality standards, prioritize health and cultivate unique flavors.  

our values

Excellence - upholding the highest quality standards in our products and services, consistently delivering exceptional experiences to our customers.

Wholesomeness - promoting a wholesome lifestyle by offering premium, nourishing cooking oils that enhance flavor and contribute to overall well-being.

Environmental consciousness - championing commitment to environmental harmony and sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.




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